A trusted Connected Ecosystem WHAT

Ex-Google CEO Erik Schmidt once said "I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear. There will be so many IP addresses […] so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won't even sense it."

EVEC enables organizations to easily develop distributed IoT applications to make the connected world more secure, powerful and achieve True Data Privacy.

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    True Data Privacy

    Fully distributed IoT Platform as a Trusted Source.

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    Trusted Distributed Platform

    EVEC IoT platform is based on multi-public DLTs.

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    Fair Services

    You only pay what you use, to the Public Nodes.

A broken IoT world Problem

Major IoT platform providers are normally big cloud providers or hardware manufacturers, who centralize the services in a siloed ecosystem. IoT machines cannot communicate with each other if they operate on different IoT platforms.

  • Most of the IoT solutions are improperly designed
  • Security protections are too complex
  • Majority of the IoT platforms are cloud-based
  • Centralization makes the cloud a vulnerable attack target
Old-school development
  • Most of the IoT applications are built by hardware manufacturers
  • IoT applications and firmwares become obsolete very rapidly
Lacking ecosystem
  • IoT Organizations and developers do not have a place to sell their apps
  • Users don't have software options for their smart IoT devices

Our solution SOLUTION


EVEC SDK provides an out-of-the box authentication module, which enables the IoT developer to easily onboard new devices while at the same time being assured existing devices in the domain are being authenticated regularly.


EVEC SDK offers a module for a (hierarchical) authorization model in which the devices can be granted or denied access to specific services or other devices, using a set of claims.

dApp platform

EVEC will set up a marketplace for dApps targeting IoT industry to connect developers and end-users, enabling them to monetize their efforts.


EVEC believes in a fully decentralized world. This is why we use Distributed Ledger Technology as part of our solution. A central place in the cloud is vulnerable by definition, so we want to avoid it when possible.

Our Technology Technology

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